For Redevco, PlusNewMedia made an event application for the multi-touch table.

Redevco in an international real estate company specialized in retail solutions. For Redevco, PlusNewMedia developed an innovative multi-touch table application that is used at international fairs. The application provides an interactive overview of Redevco’s portfolio and the various aspects of its company, including corporate responsibility. You can find the multi-touch table also at the reception at the head office of Redevco, allowing visitors to get to know Redevco in an interactive way.

“In this project we perceived PlusNewMedia as a professional party, strong in conceptual thinking and hands-on in the creative execution. Despite the challenging deadline, PlusNewMedia succeeded in delivering a beautiful and dynamic product that we can expand further. Therefore, we are satisfied with the service provided and would recommend PlusNewMedia wholeheartedly.”

Priscilla Tomasoa
Head of PR and Corporate Communications at Redevco

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