In the beginning of 2014, shopping center ‘Raadhuisplein’ will be opened. ‘Raadhuisplein’ has a size of 20.500 m2 and is located right in the center of Drachten in the Dutch province of Friesland. It is a truly unique project, due to it’s scale, exposure, location and features.

This pitch movie shows potential retail tenants the value proposition of the project and the opportunities it represents. In order to bring this message across as clearly and attractively as possible, a wide range of audiovisual techniques has been used for this production: film, aerial video, schematic animation and voice-over. Moreover an important part of the video is reserved for highly realitic 3D animations, which give the viewer a lively and colourful impression of what ‘Raadhuisplein’ will look like when it is operational.

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